Lakers Fan Pepper Sprayed a Jazz Fan in Utah After Loss

by November 08, 2012

Kobe Bryant flashed his coach an amazing death stare, and you’d think he was the angriest person in the world about the Los Angeles Lakers inexplicably falling to 1-4. Nope, a Laker fan in Utah last night was much angrier (and crazier.) Per the Salt Lake Tribune: “Salt Lake City police Detective Josh Ashdown said a pair of Utah Jazz fans were attending the basketball game Wednesday night when they started trash talking with a pair of Lakers fans. The discussion escalated and the Lakers fans challenged the Jazz fans to a fight, which they declined, Ashdown said. Security threw the two Lakers’ fans out of the game, but they apparently decided to stick around to continue the confrontation with the Jazz fans, he said. The Lakers’ fans spotted the Jazz fans standing on the corner of 100 South and 400 West and started trash talking again. At that point, one of the Lakers’ fans pulled out pepper spray fogger and let loose with it, police said. Ashdown said instead of a concentrated spray, the fogger expels a big mist of spray very much like a fire extinguisher. Police said they were searching for a Latino in his early 30s who was wearing a Lakers jersey. He’s about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 150 pounds. The man has medium length brown hair and was in a Dodge Charger.”