LaMarcus Aldridge Wants Blazers Built Around Him, Not Another Star

by October 15, 2012

The idea that the Portland Trailblazers should target another superstar doesn’t seem to sit particularly well with LaMarcus Aldridge. He would prefer if the team brought in more guys to fit in with him. Per CSNNW: “I think every team in this league feels that I’m a number one and that’s why they double-team me and they scheme me the way they do it,’ Aldridge said. ‘If I wasn’t a number one, teams wouldn’t double-team me and teams wouldn’t try to take me out. So I don’t think there’s no need to bring in a number one. This organization can do whatever they want to do, but I think it’s definitely good to keep putting really solid pieces around myself, Dame [Lillard], Meyers [Leonard], and J.J. [Hickson]. But I don’t think it’s no need to bring in a number one, but if they do, I’ll play my role.’ […] Back in the day, he says he was an afterthought on the offensive end behind Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, and Andre Miller and it frustrated him to the point to where he was almost traded. Now, he’s grateful to show the world that he’s worthy of this franchise role. ‘People don’t realize that I went from the fourth option, to almost traded, to now the main guy,’ Aldridge said. ‘So I definitely don’t take my position lightly. I’m happy to be in this position and trying to just get better with everybody else.'”