Lance Stephenson Happy to Come Off the Bench for the Pacers Again

by July 31, 2013

After his breakout season, Lance Stephenson says he’s willing to keep playing the same role with the Indiana Pacers. Lance also opened up to the Indy Star about Larry Bird’s return and the team’s future: “Q: Despite having an outstanding season, there’s been a lot of speculation you may go back to coming off the bench this season, especially if Danny Granger is healthy and ready. Would you be OK with that? A: ‘I’m just coming in to play hard. Whatever coach (Frank Vogel) decides to do, I think it’s a great decision. Me coming off the bench, Danny coming off the bench, either way, we’re deep. Whatever helps the team, that’s what I want to do.’ Q: What is your opinion on the moves the team has made this summer? A: ‘We’ve made a lot of great pickups. Our bench is even better than what it was last year. Once training camp comes, we’re going to see where everyone’s position is at and get ready for the next year.’ Q: Now that you’ve had a little time to reflect, why do you think you improved so much last season? A: ‘I got more consistent with my jump shot, but really, it was just playing hard and playing good defense. Do whatever it takes to stay on the floor. If I stay like that, the sky is the limit for me and the Pacers.’ Q: Your close relationship with Larry Bird was well-chronicled during the playoffs. What was your reaction when he decided to return as team president? A: ‘He makes great decisions. He picked up great players. Just having him be there as a leader and someone that motivates you, it helps my game a lot. Having him come back is a plus for the Pacers.'”