Larry Hughes’ Turn to Moan About D’Antoni

by January 04, 2010

At this rate, even the Knick ball boys will have voiced displeasure with the coach by season’s end: “Nate Robinson’s return to the lineup has come at Larry Hughes’ expense and the veteran guard isn’t happy about it. ‘It’s not a good way to play a season, going back and forth,’ said Hughes, who did not play in the Knicks’ 132-89 victory over the Pacers Sunday night. ‘This is my second or third time now (getting benched). It’s getting old.’ Hughes objected to the fact that Mike D’Antoni has not addressed his role with him. Hughes has been benched for two straight games. ‘It’s easy to communicate with a grown man,’ Hughes said. ‘It’s a long season and you always want to have dialog and talk things out. I definitely want the dialog. Let guys know where they stand and you can voice opinions on both sides. There’s nothing wrong with voicing an opinion because they’re not facts. It’s what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. Just to have communication, I think, goes a long way in this league.”‘