Last Week in La Liga

By Jake Appleman

Only three games with results significant enough to get major Youtube play:

Real Madrid 4 – Osasuna 1

Four goals for Ruud Van Nistelrooy. There’s really not much else you can say, except “Fat man soon drink Red Bull.” All-in-White also has some important details on Iker Casillas getting hit in the head by a cigarette lighter.

Barcelona 3 Zaragoza 1

This was a belter of a match. Ronaldinho‘s free kick is one for the ages. There was a ton of controversy as Sid Lowe explains:

But then Rafa is, as one columnist put it, the Rafa-iest Rafa of all Rafas, the Phantom of the Opera, Brutus stabbing Caesar with a whistle, Spain’s favourite figure of fun. Because there’s nothing like a bit of controversy – and controversy and Rafa Guerrero go back a long, long way.

Really. Read that whole article. Fascinating stuff. And I was wondering about the joke behind the Youtube user “RafaNoMeJodas”, whose videos have actually appeared in this column.

Atletico 3 Villareal 1

Of course my team gets off the shnide, and I’m not watching it. Lovely.

Other Results:

Betis 2 – Levante 1

Getafe 1 – Mallorca 0

According to La Liga Loca, Getafe’s keeper, El Pato, has “more clean sheets than a nun’s bedroom.” ZING. That’s why my fantasy team is awesome.

Athletic Bilbao 1 – Valencia 1

Racing Santander 0 – Sevilla 0

Real Sociedad 1 – Espanyol 1

Nastic 0 – Depor 0

Recreativo Huelva 2 – Celta Vigo 1