LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Call Out Former Celtics for Joining Nets

The verbal (and hilariously silent) jabs thrown at Ray Allen when he left Boston haven’t been forgotten by his current teammates in Miami. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade pointed out the hypocrisy of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Doc Rivers leaving the Celtics’ sinking ship this summer. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Jason Terry and Kevin Garnett took verbal jabs at (Ray) Allen for his departure, but have since left the Celtics in favor of the Brooklyn Nets. Paul Pierce also left the sinking Celtics to make one last run at a title with the Nets. ‘The first thing that I thought was like, `Wow, Ray got killed for leaving Boston and now these guys are leaving Boston,’ (LeBron) James said. ‘I think it’s OK. I don’t mind it, but there was a couple guys that basically [criticized] Ray for leaving and everybody else is leaving.’ Garnett last year told reporters he had forgotten Allen’s cell phone number because of his decision to leave via free agency. Later, Terry questioned Allen’s loyalty when he refused to ‘stick through the tough times.’ Although the circumstances are somewhat different because Allen left on his own, Garnett waived the no-trade clause in his contract so the deal could take shape. There were also talks of Garnett and Pierce being dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers. (Dwyane) Wade chose to provide his ‘media answer’ when asked about the subject, but he clearly hinted Terry and Garnett were being hypocritical. ‘Listen, we all know how the world works,’ Wade said. ‘The biggest thing is Ray is happy here. If they’re happy in Brooklyn, I’m going to be happy. We all know how it works. People say things about people when they decide to do something but then people do the same thing. It’s about putting yourself in the best situation. It’s about doing what’s best for your family.’ Garnett and Terry switching teams struck a nerve with James because he could relate to the situation. He was criticized heavily when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010. ‘You can’t criticize somebody when somebody decides to do something that’s best for their family no matter what the situation is,’ James said.”