LeBron James Apologizes for Dunking Less This Season

by November 11, 2014

Prior to Monday night’s action, LeBron James had registered just three dunks in five games so far this season. That put him on pace for a mere 49 crams.

James, 29, dunked nearly three times more with the Miami Heat last season.

LeBron sarcastically apologized to the media for not providing so many highlight-worthy plays, but he says that will change as the Cavs’ season progresses.

Per the NOMG:

“I apologize I haven’t been above the rim, but I’m in the lineup,” James said with a grin, responding to a reporter’s question after the Cleveland Cavaliers’ (Monday) morning shootaround. “Whatever it takes to help us win.”


On Monday he clarified that he wasn’t insinuating that an injury was the reason he hasn’t gotten to the rim, but: “If you ask me if I’m hurt I’m going to say I’m playing so I’m all right.


“I understand those are huge momentum plays,” James said. “We haven’t had too many fastbreak opportunities, as I have in the past. In the halfcourt they kind of put a lot of bodies in front of me. I’ve been able to find open guys. As the year goes on we’ll be able to start making more plays offensively. I’ll start getting to a point where I can start getting back above the rim. I hope so.”