LeBron James Called Out Kevin Love on Twitter

by February 09, 2015

Late Saturday night, LeBron James sent out a cryptic tweet about the positives of fitting in.

After some prodding by the media, James admitted that the message was aimed at Cavaliers teammate Kevin Love, who has had trouble adjusting to his new role in Cleveland this season.

Love played well Sunday following the remark, scoring a season-high 32 points in a 120-105 win against the visiting Los Angeles Lakers.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

That looked eerily similar to Love’s comments from October when he was discussing his early days with his new team and the team flight to Brazil for a preseason game against the Miami Heat. […] “I’m comfortable and just not trying to, I guess, fit in so much,” Love said. “I had a talk with the guys on the plane ride over [to Brazil] and also at different practices off the floor and they told me to fit out. Just be myself.”


“It was more about people in general,” James told a large group of reporters. “It was a general thought I had. Obviously whatever thought I have people try to encrypt it and Da Vinci code it and all that stuff. People are always trying to fit out instead of fit in and be part of something special. That’s what it’s all about.” […] Yet after the formal interview session, James was shown Love’s quote from October and smiled. When pressed on the coincidence a few moments later to a smaller handful of reporters, James laughed, “It’s not a coincidence, man.”


Love recalled his “fit out/fit in” remark from October, but was unaware of James’ tweet until a reporter showed it to him after Sunday’s game. […] “I feel like I’ve done all the right things. I haven’t got upset or been down,” Love said. “There’s moments when I hope I would’ve played better but it’s a long, long season. I don’t know really what he’s talking about. I feel like I’ve sacrificed and I think everyone knows that. I’m not trying to downplay what he said, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job of trying to help this team.”