LeBron James Calls Derrick Rose’s Eric Garner Protest ‘Spectacular’

by December 08, 2014

Inspired by Derrick Rose’s quiet yet poignant protest Saturday night, there’s a chance LeBron James will rock an “I Can’t Breathe’ t-shirt Monday night during warmups.

James was moved by Rose’s gesture, and says he’s on the hunt for a shirt of his own.

LeBron is also amped to play in front of royalty, as his Cleveland Cavaliers visit the Brooklyn Nets.

Per the NOMG:

The shirt was in reference and in support for Eric Garner, an African-American man, who died last summer from being placed in a choke hold by New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo. Garner was being arrested for the selling of loose, untaxed cigarettes. A video recording shows that while Pantaleo was taking him down to the ground, Garner was gasping, yelling out, “I can’t breathe.” Last week a grand jury in Staten Island elected not to indict Pantaleo and it has caused a national outcry and protests.


“It’s spectacular,” James said. “I loved it. I’m looking for one.” When asked if he planned to wear the T-shirt before a game, James was coy, but hinted it could potentially happen. “It’s possible,” he said. “I’m looking for one. I think it was great.”


LeBron James said it will be a “huge honor” to play in front of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are planning to attend the Cavaliers’ game Monday in Brooklyn against the Nets. […] “The stuff that you read about, people like them, only in books, and to hear that they’re coming to town to see me play, they want to see me do what I do best, it’s a huge honor,” James said Sunday, before the Cavaliers’ practice at Baruch College in New York City.