LeBron James Calls Miami’s 19-Game Winning Streak ‘Unbelievable’

by March 13, 2013

The Miami Heat continue to shred the rest of the NBA, having now won 19 in a row (and just one win shy of becoming only the 5th team in League history to rip off 20 straight W’s). LeBron James knows that what they’re doing is pretty damn special. Per Fox Sports and ESPN: “He was asked if he will at least be able to appreciate the streak when he retires. Suddenly, James’ tone changed. Suddenly, he was willing to say his Heat are indeed experiencing one of the greatest runs in NBA history. ‘No, I’ll probably look back on it before then,’ James said. ‘Let’s be honest, guys, we’re not sitting here and saying this is not something special. This is an unbelievable streak that we’re on. We’re playing great basketball. We win in different phases of the game. We’re playing different syles. We’ve won every game, on the road, at home. Double overtime games. End-of-regulation games. Whatever the case may be, we’ve been able to pull games out. So I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s not special what we’re doing.’ […] The streak has jarred the Heat into truly caring about every game — something that’s a challenge for any NBA team during this marathon season and especially the defending champs, who have the long haul at the front of their minds — and it has finally brought them to their potential. ‘You know you’re a part of history right now, but you just want to keep winning and keep it up,’ said Dwyane Wade. ‘This team is put together to win championships, that’s what we’re measured by and that’s what we measure ourselves by … but this is a special time.'”