LeBron James: ‘We Can’t Play Fantasy Basketball’

by January 26, 2017

LeBron James scoffed at the Carmelo Anthony-Kevin Love trade proposal Wednesday night, saying the Cavs can’t afford to be playing “fantasy basketball.”

James and GM David Griffin met following the superstar’s rant about a “top heavy” roster, and neither man emerged from the chat feeling particularly pleased.

Cleveland lost its sixth game in the last eight tries, going down to the woeful Sacramento Kings 116-112 in overtime.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

Griffin was just as blunt and candid Wednesday as James was Monday. “It wouldn’t have been my preferred method,” Griffin said of James’ approach. “It certainly wasn’t appropriate from a teammate perspective. But it is what it is.”


The bigger issue at play here is the back-and-forth between James and Griffin since the Kyle Korver trade. Before the trade was even finalized, James said he wants a point guard and then a big (while conceding those are harder to find). Griffin countered by saying he doesn’t believe the Cavs need a big and the trade market doesn’t have what the Cavs need right now.


“I have no reaction,” James said of the trade talks. “We got 14 guys in here. We need to be ready every night, who we got in here, we gotta play. We can’t play fantasy basketball. We got who we got and we gotta go out and play.”