LeBron James Glad He Dunked All Over Jason Terry

Jason Terry’s incessant yapping got him in trouble when the Miami Heat paid the Boston Celtics a visit on Monday night. LeBron James unleashed one of the signature dunks of his career, and Terry was victimized. Well, LeBron couldn’t be happier with the result. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Asked after the morning shootaround at Quicken Loans Arena if he had the opportunity to review the dunk, James nodded and said, ‘Yeah, I have, I have.’ He wasn’t finished. No, not after Terry has taken opportunities while with both the Dallas Mavericks and now Celtics to launch verbal salvos at James’ Heat, including when the Mavericks defeated the Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals. ‘It was one of my better ones,’ James said. ‘And the fact that it happened to J.T. made it even that much sweeter. Because I think we all know what J.T. talks, and he talks too much sometimes and I’m glad it happened to him.'”