LeBron James Hates When People Say Teams Match Up Well Against Miami

by April 09, 2013

The Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat appear headed for a first round Playoff matchup, and Brandon Jennings seems to think his team has a chance against the defending champs. LeBron James does not. King James shot back at reporters who brought up the potential postseason matchup. Per the Journal Sentinel: “The game Tuesday could be a first-round playoff preview although James said a regular-season game could not be compared to Game 1 of the playoffs. ‘I really hate that question, personally,’ James said of how the Bucks match up against the Heat. ‘I hate it when people say people match up well with us. We don’t really care about it too much. We want to go out and take away from what they do best. They’re very good with dribble drive, dribble penetration. They share the ball and play at a high level.’ Bucks guard Brandon Jennings said a few weeks ago he thought the Bucks match up well against the Heat, even though Miami is the runaway leader in the Eastern Conference. The Heat can tie a franchise record by posting its 61st victory Tuesday night. ‘That’s OK,’ James said. ‘If they feel that way, they have us in the first round. We’ll see how well we match up. It’s OK to think that way and you can believe that way. They should though. We’re all NBA players for a reason. Teams are put together for a reason to go out and play. I’m not here to take shots at anyone. That’s not what we do as a team. We just go about our business and whoever we have in the first round, we’ll be ready for them.’ Bucks coach Jim Boylan made it clear after his team’s shootaround that the focus is on catching Boston for the seventh spot. That would mean the Bucks could avoid a first-round matchup against Miami and likely would play New York instead.”