LeBron James Hopes Derrick Rose ‘Gets Back to 100 Percent’

by May 30, 2012

LeBron James and the Miami Heat didn’t have to face the Chicago Bulls in these Playoffs, thanks largely to Derrick Rose’s devastating knee injury. LBJ hopes Rose can recover fully. From ESPN: “Get healthy,’ James said after Tuesday afternoon’s practice. James says he hasn’t spoken to Rose since the 23-year-old former MVP had surgery to repair a torn ACL in his left knee, but James hopes Rose will be able to return to the court quickly. ‘No, I don’t personally have D-Rose’s number,’ James said, when asked if the pair had spoken. ‘I have never really had an extended conversation with D-Rose. I did say to the media that it sucks that (the injury) happened and I wish him a fast recovery and hope he gets back to 100 percent.’ While James acknowledged he doesn’t have any idea what Rose is going through as far as the knee injury, he did admit that he has always been a fan of Rose’s and wants to see him back on the floor. ‘I don’t know what he’s going through,’ James said. ‘I’ve never had that type of injury, knock on wood, so I can’t imagine what he’s going through. I just hope he comes back 100 percent, 110 percent, because I am a fan of his. I love the way he plays the game of basketball and what he brings to the game.’ That feeling was shared by James’ teammate, and Chicago native Dwyane Wade. He also acknowledged that he hadn’t spoken to Rose yet, but planned to do so over the summer. ‘No, I sent out my best wishes to D-Rose and his family, but I’ve been focused on the playoffs a little bit,’ Wade said. ‘I’m sure I’ll be around Chicago a little bit in the summer and get an opportunity to hopefully talk to him, but I just sent out my wishes when it happened and hopefully all is well with him and his family and he gets back on this basketball court.'”