LeBron James is Amused By the Indiana Pacers’ Trash Talking

by January 08, 2013

The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers staged a bitter second round Playoff series last season, which the Heat won after trailing the series 2-1. Prior to tonight’s game in Indy, James said the Pacers continue to talk tough, and he’s greatly amused by their chirping (and inability to beat his team.) Per the Sun-Sentinel: “They took a 2-1 lead and were really excited about what was going on and they were talking a lot,’ he said. ‘They felt like they were the better team, we took control of the series.’ James said he continued to take note. ‘But they’ve been talking a lot,’ he said. ‘I read a lot of clips they had before the season, said they were better than us and they should have beat us, so we’ll be ready.’ James said such an approach is not his way. ‘I’m not one to talk much, honestly,’ he said. ‘I just do it on the court. I let my game do the talking, but it is amusing sometimes, you see guys, you see teams talking and they didn’t beat you.’ […] ‘I’ve always kind of been after the fact,’ he said. ‘If I hear someone talking, then I will have a conversation with them, or say my peace out on the floor, but I will never start it up. My Little League coaches wouldn’t allow us to do that. They always told, ‘Just let your game do the talking.'”