LeBron James Isn’t Sold on Kobe Bryant The Distributor

by February 09, 2013

by Ryne Nelson / @slaman10

Before Thursday night’s disaster in Boston, Kobe was averaging 7.8 assists over his previous 10 games. Not bad for a guy who shoots more than anyone in the League.

But LeBron James doesn’t buy the new Magic Bean Bryant persona. James recently discussed his team’s upcoming match-up with L.A. and the new pass-happy Bryant.

From Fox Sports Florida:

LeBron James was asked if he’s buying it that Kobe Bryant has become a distributor. He said “no” and added more.

“Do I buy that?” James said. “No. He told you all before, he’s a scorer. He said it every day, ‘I’m a scorer and this is what I do.’ So I don’t buy it. No. You guys buy it, though. I see how you all go, ’49 assists in four games,’ whatever. You guys are going crazy about that. I don’t buy that. He’s a scorer.’’

It will be interesting to see what role Kobe plays when the Lakers face the Heat tomorrow on national television. He may just drop another double-double—we all know Kobe loves a challenge.