LeBron: Only ‘Jesus Christ and Shaq in They Prime’ Could Score on Me in the Post

by June 16, 2017
lebron james shaq jesus

Before heading to the Cavaliers’ final team function on Thursday, LeBron James jokingly revealed the two people capable of scoring on him in the post: prime Shaquille O’Neal and Jesus Christ.

LeBron, of course, was hardly serious. While he’s an excellent defender, LeBron has certainly been toasted in the post before—see Jokic, Nikola. Starting at 58:43:

Via the Road Trippin’ Podcast:

LeBron: “There’s only three people in this world that can score on me in the post: Shaquille O’Neal in his prime—who else was it? Oh, it’s two. And Jesus Christ.”


Frye: “What about the Dalai Lama?”


LeBron: “Nah. Only Jesus Christ and Shaquille O’Neal in they prime.”

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