LeBron James: Kevin Durant Could Break NBA All-Time Scoring Record

by December 18, 2015

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record of 38,387 career points could be in danger if Kevin Durant keeps playing at his current pace, so says LeBron James.

KD, though flattered, says Cap’s legendary numbers are the last thing on his mind.

The 27-year-old four-time scoring champ has so far racked up 16,081 points.

Per The Oklahoman:

On Thursday morning, LeBron James, who is currently 18th on the list at (25,525) points, thinks Durant is destined for a far greater milestone — a chase at the top spot, where Kareem Abdul-Jabaar has set a lofty task of 38,387 career points.


“His ability to score the ball is obviously up there with the greatest to ever play,” James said of Durant at Cavs shootaround. “I know that’s not in his memory bank right now, him trying to help the team get better and better, but long term he definitely can challenge that.”


“He’s a 7-footer with 6-foot ballhandling skills and a jump shot and athleticism,” LeBron told reporters. “It’s never been done in our league. Never had a guy that’s 7-foot, can jump like that, can shoot like that, handle the ball like that. So it sets him apart.”