LeBron James Open to Starring in ‘Space Jam 2’

by February 22, 2014

It was falsely reported Friday that LeBron James had signed on to play the lead role in a remake of the sports movie classic “Space Jam”. LeBron says that he’s not aware of the project, but would be open to taking on Michael Jordan’s famous role. Per the Palm Beach Post:

JAMES: “It’s news to me. I haven’t heard anything about it. Like I said, I’ve always loved Space Jam 1. It was one of my favorite movies growing up. If I have the opportunity, it’d be great. But that’s news to me. Obviously I don’t want to be on there with this thing on my nose [note: a reference to his currently bandaged, broken nose]. We’ll see what happens.”

Q. No one’s approached you about it?

JAMES: “I haven’t heard about it. Maybe they’ve got it in my office. I haven’t been to my office in a while.”

Q. Does a matchup with the Monstars freak you out at all?

JAMES: “Absolutely. Those guys are very intimidating and they’re bigger than us. We’ve got to do our due diligence here on Earth.”