LeBron James to Produce NBA Documentary

by June 29, 2017

LeBron James will serve as an executive producer on a Showtime documentary examining the NBA’s impact on popular culture.

Gotham Chopra will direct the three-part doc, which is slated to premiere next year.

James has been in the business of producing TV and movie projects for several years.

Per the AP:

“We developed the idea for these films because of the incredible, generational impact some of the NBA’s most successful players have had on every aspect of American culture,” said [Maverick] Carter, CEO of SpringHill Entertainment. “Gotham is the perfect filmmaker to bring these stories to life, and Showtime is the right platform to showcase how they were able to transcend the game and shape the culture in an unprecedented way.”


Chopra previously produced and directed a successful documentary on Kobe Bryant.


“Despite the fact that I am a Boston Celtics fan to the bone, collaborating with Maverick and LeBron was an inspired opportunity,” he said. “Sports in general and specifically the NBA provide a great backdrop for storytelling. But these films offer us a chance to go beyond that; to weave a broader cultural narrative in our current social climate.”