LeBron James Reportedly Interested In ‘Eventually Playing’ With Carmelo Anthony

by June 10, 2014

With unselfish decisions by the Heat’s Big Three and some crafty cap maneuvering, Miami can carve out significant cap space this summer and keep its core in tact. With the extra money, perhaps they’d pursue for a solid big man—Marcin Gortat will be a free agent, for instance. Or maybe they’d spread the money out and try to bring in a few smaller pieces. Or, maybe, they’d go really big. From USA Today:

According to two people with knowledge of the situation, Anthony’s part in this fluid free agency situation is worth monitoring as James is known to be interested in eventually playing with his close friend. Anthony also has a player option on his deal for next season (worth $23.5 million), and his connection to James has teams like the Lakers, Knicks and even the Heat wondering whether he may be able to join the four-time NBA MVP.