LeBron James: ‘Right Now [Cavs] Are In Strugglesville’

by January 19, 2018
lebron james strugglesville cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in more than a funk—they’re in “Strugglesville,” according to LeBron James.

After Cleveland squeaked past the Magic with a 104-103 win, LeBron explained why the Cavs’ locker room was subdued (starting at 2:26):

Did this feel like a win tonight?


LeBron: “Hell yeah it felt like a win.”


It seemed like there were a lot of long faces…


LeBron: Well, I mean, yeah, because we want to play better, and we have the ability to do it. But right now we in Strugglesville.


“But it felt like a win, and we needed it. Definitely.”

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