LeBron James Says He’s ‘Nitpicking’ His Game

by October 25, 2013

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James has become so good, that he must work very hard just to find the few flaws in his game. James took apart his postseason performance this past summer. Per the AP: “Considered the best player in the game, James remains obsessed with getting better. That’s why, on the verge of starting his 11th professional season and fourth with the Miami Heat, James fully expects the 2013-14 campaign to be his best one yet. He knows there’s no shortage of challengers aiming to knock both him and his team off their respective mountaintops. ‘I’m nitpicking now, obviously, at my own game,’ James said. ‘I want that. I want to be uncomfortable. I want to continue to push the envelope and get to a point where I feel like I’m trying to master everything. Now, I can’t be the greatest at everything. There’s better rebounders than me. There’s better passers than me. There’s better scorers than me. But I want to be able to maximize my potential in everything I do.’ So that’s why, when he finally got some down time this summer — after the season and before his wedding to Savannah Brinson — James didn’t allow himself to totally step away from the game. Even while on vacation, and with a notepad at his side, James broke down every Heat playoff game, every moment of postseason matchup last season against Milwaukee, Chicago, Indiana and San Antonio. When he saw something that wasn’t just right, he wrote it down to further analyze later. ‘I push myself,’ James said. ‘There are ways I can get better. I would write down the exact time, the exact play, the exact quarter, the plays where I could have did something better.’ At 6-foot-8 and 250 pounds, a marriage of size and speed that many covet, the reality is that James probably is not going to get much better physically. His shooting has improved. He’s talked plenty in recent months about becoming a better free-throw shooter. His post game has been reinvented. His defense is exceptional. Where James is getting better, those around him say, is in the thinking department. […] ‘The man above has given me God-given ability and talent, obviously,’ James said. ‘I want to take full advantage of it.'”