LeBron James Says Kevin Durant Fouled Him Twice in the Closing Moments of Yesterday’s Game

Yesterday’s game between the Warriors and Cavaliers went down to the wire and the Dubs eventually pulled out a 99-92 win. But the win is being criticized because LeBron James put his head down and the drove to the cup as the Cavs trailed 95-92. Kevin Durant was guarding him and though KD blocked his layup attempt, it also looked like he fouled James.

LeBron spoke about the play after the game, saying:

“But the one [where the out-of-bounds call was overturned], he fouled me twice. But whatever. What are you gonna do about it?”

Watch LeBron’s reaction in the video above. The Cavs and Warriors play each other for the final time in the regular season on January 15 in Cleveland.

Video courtesy of Reddit