LeBron James Says Opponents Don’t Respect the Miami Heat Enough

by April 19, 2013

This will not end well for Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks, even if he claimed he was just kidding about his team dethroning the defending champs in six games. Chris Bosh says Jennings and the Bucks now have the Miami Heat’s undivided attention, and LeBron James can’t figure out why foes continue to disrespect his team. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “When Joe Namath predicted the Super Bowl win, that took the cake,’ forward Shane Battier said. ‘Everyone else should just give up.’ […] ‘We’ve got enough motivation in this team,’ Dwyane Wade said. ‘We have a big goal in mind, what we want to do. We’re put together to win a championship. We’re not put together to make the playoffs. We don’t need any motivation from headlines or what a guy says. A guy is supposed to have confidence in his team.’ […] The annoyance from the Heat is what seemingly has been a one-way street when it has come to respect. ‘I haven’t been able to figure that out, but it is what is,’ LeBron James said. ‘We fell into that category, of appreciating and respecting our opponents, but getting none back. But that’s OK. As a veteran ballclub, we understand that challenges that come with the postseason, that come with the whole season.’ Including Jennings’ comments, with the Bucks going as far as to re-post the guard’s boast on their official team Twitter account. ‘If they already had our attention,’ Chris Bosh said, “now they have more of our attention.'”