LeBron James Signing 2-Year Deal With Cavs

by July 13, 2014

With the CBA expiring in two years, it’s possible the size of the NBA’s max contract could soon increase. And with that in mind, LeBron James is signing a two-year deal with the Cavs, then likely re-signing with the team under the League’s soon-to-be-new CBA. Per ESPN:

With an eye toward maximizing the future of the salary cap, LeBron James finalized his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday.


James signed a two-year, $42.1 million deal, sources familiar with the process told ESPN.com, with the goal of re-signing with the Cavs before the 2016-17 season when a new television deal is expected to create a large jump in value of the maximum contract.


As part of the deal, James will have an option to become a free agent next summer but is fully committed to the Cavs long term, sources said.