LeBron James: ‘Sometimes You Got it, Sometimes You Don’t’

No one could quite explain LeBron James’ shortcomings in the NBA Finals, including LeBron himself, but he gave it a shot following the Game 6 loss. From the Miami Herald: “When are people going to talk about the purity of our game?’ Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. “That’s what’s special.’ But those who were looking at the Heat and wondering why this team failed, as opposed to simply seeing why the Mavericks succeeded, you have plenty to look at. For starters, of course, there is LeBron James. Anyone who says it wasn’t obvious that LeBron’s nerves got the best of him either wasn’t paying attention or didn’t want to see it. James himself addressed it after the game, but it wasn’t entirely convincing. Certainly not as convincing as what everyone saw happen on the court. There were clanked free throws, hesitant drives, horrible misses within 12 feet and a lot, lot more. ‘Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don’t,’ LeBron said. ‘That was the case in this series.'”