LeBron James Surprised By ‘MVP’ Chants in New Jersey

by April 17, 2012

Nets fans in New Jersey were amazed by LeBron James’ dominant late-game display last night, and showered the Miami Heat superstar with MVP chants. They came as a pleasant surprise to LBJ. From ESPN and the NY Post: “James scored 17 straight points in a blur of speed, force and finesse in a five-minute span Monday night in a game that went from bland to brilliant in a blink. Down five points to the New Jersey Nets, James waved his hand and the Heat won by three points, 101-98. It completely won over the crowd, most rushing to their cell phones to take pictures and fire off texts and tweets about what they were seeing. ‘It was amazing, honestly,’ said James, who ended up with 37 points. ‘Last year I never thought I’d hear ‘Let’s Go Heat,’ that I’d hear ‘MVP’ on someone else’s floor. What we’ve been through in the last year — I’m happy to be part of it.’ […] ‘Where were those fans earlier?’ said Nets forward Kris Humphries, who was on track to being the game’s hero with 29 points before James took over. ‘They should be screaming the whole game; don’t just show up when they get on top.’ […] Nets coach Avery Johnson said his players were fired up for the playoff-like atmosphere inside the building, even if he did concede that it felt like an away game. ‘I think the crowd, even though they are in favor of our opponents overall, have been active and into the games,’ Johnson said. ‘For us, with us being a really good road game, our guys were up for this game. They were really excited, and I was excited for them, you could see the look in their eyes during the timeouts, they were really in the game.'”