LeBron James Tweets: ‘Steph Should be Getting $400M’

by July 01, 2017
LeBron James, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry agreed to sign his $201 million deal with the Warriors last night. LeBron James, currently with one year and $33.2 million left on his contract, took to Twitter to share how much he thinks Curry should actually be receiving.

Curry agreed to a supermax contract, making him the first player to ever cross the $200 million threshold. It’s the largest contract in League history.

But as Ann Killion pointed out in the tweet that James replied to, the Warriors are worth $2.6 billion, a steep increase in the $450 million that Joe Lacob had to pay in 2010 to buy the Dubs.

Most high-caliber superstars will be signing deals north of $200 million. In a few years, Curry’s $201 mill might look like a bargain.