LeBron James: Warriors are Hungrier Than the Cavs

by November 18, 2015

The Cleveland Cavaliers are riding a two-game losing streak, and LeBron James is growing increasingly agitated with his team’s lackadaisical approach.

James is keeping an eye on the Golden State Warriors and their unblemished record, and can see that the defending champs seem like a much more determined squad.

Cleveland (8-3) is “not a very good team” according to LBJ.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

The Cavs are still 8-3, but they’re talking like a team that’s 3-8. They’ve lost consecutive regular season games for just the third time since Jan. 15 – and one of those streaks was late last season when they were resting guys and coasting. […] Now they’re coasting again and it’s early November. They grabbed just three offensive rebounds Tuesday and didn’t score any second-chance points. Free-throw shooting remains a big problem. They didn’t have anyone to match up with Andre Drummond and their offense went cold in the fourth. James pointed to the Golden State Warriors, the defending champs who are destroying teams this season, unbeaten and winning by more than 16 points per game.


“We haven’t done anything,” James said. “We didn’t win anything. We lost. We lost in the Finals. That’s enough motivation for myself. I think we need to understand that. We lost in the Finals. We didn’t win. And the team that beat us looks more hungry than we are. It shouldn’t be that way.”


James said after the double-overtime loss to the Bucks that the Cavs were a good team, but not a great team. Well he downgraded them again after this loss. If they lose to the Bucks again Thursday he might call them lottery-bound. […] “Like I said before, this whole week, we’re not a very good team,” James said. “It’s just that simple. We have the ability to be a great team, but right now we’re not a very good team.”

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