LeBron James Was Motivated By Reggie Evans’ Trash Talk

by January 31, 2013

Brooklyn Nets forward Reggie Evans said some crazy things about the Miami Heat’s championship and LeBron James’ game prior to last night’s tilt between the Heat and Brooklyn Nets. Unlike most people, LeBron didn’t laugh Reggie’s comments off, and used them as motivation during the game. Per ESPN: “When LeBron James heard the comment about an hour later, he was mildly annoyed. By the time he was back in his hotel room and saw how it was being portrayed on television and the Internet, he was downright angry. He fired off a tweet about it, and when he arrived at Barclays Center, his mood was elevated. ‘Yep, he’s here!’ James yelled loudly in the direction of the Nets locker room as he strode into the arena, a Snoop Dogg song buzzing out of his headphones. […] They were just 5-7 on the road against teams with winning records. But once James and the rest of the Heat caught word of what Evans had said, there was no chance they were going to take the game lightly. And once again they showed what they can be when they’re focused and motivated. They ran the Nets out of the building for one of their most complete and dominating road performances of the season. James and Dwyane Wade took turns attacking on offense, they shot the ball extremely well thanks to ball movement that led to open shots, they were aggressive in forcing turnovers and they played with an edge that they’ve broken out only a few times since the playoffs last season. […] ‘It did [motivate],’ James said. ‘You can’t just come out and say something like that versus a champion.’ In the middle of ripping Evans after the game, James stopped himself and said he regretted giving the workmanlike Nets forward so much attention. ‘You’ll probably talk about him for a few days now when you wouldn’t have,’ James said.”