LeBron James Will Stop Yelling at Mario Chalmers Once He Grows Up

by October 03, 2012

Mario Chalmers is the whipping boy in Miami, constantly getting showered with verbal abuse on the court by his Heat teammates. Chalmers wants LeBron and company to “tone it down” this year, and James is willing … if Chalmers can prove that he’s all grown up now. Per the Palm Beach Post: “If he’s grown up in the last year, then it will tone down,’ James said, laughing. ‘It’s that simple. If he doesn’t want that type of reaction from me or—’ He paused. ‘Yeah, I could do a better job of that as well,’ James said. ‘I understand. I could do a better job of that. But I don’t do it just to do it. He messes up sometimes. But he comes through for me, though.'”