LeBron James Won’t Stop Pregame Dunking Despite Critics

by February 28, 2013

Apparently, there are people out there who are upset that LeBron James saves all of his crazy slams for the pregame layup line instead of showing them off at the NBA’s increasingly irrelevant Dunk Contest. Tough luck, says Bron-Bron. The pregame show shall go on. Per the Palm Beach Post: “I don’t do it for anyone besides our team,’ James said. ‘We came up with something that said, let’s get warmed up even more. Actually, Rio is the one who really started it. He said, let’s get hyped, let’s get up. We’re going to continue to do it.’ And the dunks he’s been doing, the lob-to-himself, between-the-legs one that he did on Tuesday? ‘It just happened,’ James said. ‘I don’t need props and capes and flight attendants and cheerleaders to walk out with me. I just do it.’ Erik Spoelstra called the controversy the ‘theater of the absurd.’ Dwyane Wade suggested: ‘Come out to Miami, if you want to see. Get a ticket.’ Chris Bosh’s view? ‘Some people don’t like it ’cause they like it. It’s awesome. You can’t deny that.’ […] And what about the chalk toss, which was a part of his pregame ritual through his first season in Miami, but has disappeared. ‘I don’t know why I stopped doing it,’ James said. ‘I might get back to it at some point.’ Which wouldn’t be welcome for those with laptops in the press seats down low. ‘It all depends what y’all tweeting and s–,’ James said. ‘I might throw the whole bottle at y’all.'”