LeBron James/Chicago Bulls Conspiracy Theories Swirling

by May 17, 2010

There’s talk out of Chicago about Derrick Rose and William “Worldwide Wes” Wesley working the back channels to get LeBron in a Bulls uniform, talk which has the New York media feeling understandably nervous. From the Chicago Tribune: “In the first 24 hours after the Celtics eliminated the Cavaliers on Thursday, the Bulls sold more than 500 new full season tickets and a team official estimated incoming call volume to their sales office stood roughly 50 times normal levels. The question now is whether the allure of LeBron James will have a similar effect on Bulls management. League sources said Sunday that noted NBA power broker William Wesley continues to work back channels to sell John Calipari and James as a package deal to franchises such as the Bulls, Nets and Clippers with coaching vacancies and salary cap room. Another league source confirmed that an unknown Calipari connection contacted Bulls management over the weekend. This not only once again renders the coach’s vows to remain at Kentucky hollow, it underscores the juggling act general manager Gar Forman and senior vice president John Paxson must navigate as they tackle a coaching search while planning for free agency, which begins July 1.”