LeBron on Shaking Hands in NBA: Not Done

by August 12, 2009

According to James, no matter what your eyes may lead you to believe on a nightly basis, shaking hands in the League following the game simply doesn’t happen. Nope: “When the reporter reminded James that most players usually shake hands at the end of a playoff series, James bristled again. ‘No you don’t, no you don’t,’ he responded. After a few more seconds of back and forth, James continued to try to explain his position. ‘Teamwork has nothing to do with shaking hands,’ James said. ‘I’m not a poor sport at all. You can ask anyone that knows me, I’m not a poor sport at all. Who brought up the rule that shaking hands, that’s what you’re supposed to do? No one shakes hands at the end of series all the time. No one does that. No one does that at all.”‘