Let's Hit The Links…

by July 05, 2006

“It was like a roller-coaster that never ended. It just kept going and going.” — Nate Robinson, on his Knicks experience.
The Links…
• Ladies and gentlemen, we have a trade! The Jazz are trading Devin Brown and a few spare parts to Golden State for Derek Fisher. Remember when Fisher signed that huge deal with the Warriors and nobody could figure it out? It’s not Chris Mullin‘s problem anymore.
• FREE AGENCY UPDATE: The Spurs lost Nazr to Detroit ….. As I wrote the other day, the Wolves are interested in Mike James ….. Canzano quotes Lord Alfred Tennyson in noting the Blazers are keeping Ghost Face Przyzbilla ….. Chris Wilcox and the Sonics are far apart ….. Future SLAM cover boy Matt Harpring will remain in Utah. And it’s a good thing, so we don’t have to re-shoot him …..
Tyson Chandler is most likely to become a Hornet next year, and this story says that the Hawks and Al Harrington are out of the picture.
• Guess who showed up to work out, discovered his franchise was having a summer league scrimmage, so he jumped in and played with all the free agents and rookies? Carmelo.

LeBron still hasn’t responded to the contract extension offer from the Cavs. That silence is deafening in Ohio right now.
• There’s an article in today’s Houston Chronicle about Tracy McGrady and his oft-injured back, but check out the picture of T-Mac working out in his home gym here. See that picture in the background? Cool, huh?

• I was thinking about how tough the Central Division has become, and I realized that the worst team in the division might be the Pacers. Bob Kravitz realized pretty much the same thing, too.

• The Sixers are going old school, signing Bobby Jones to a contract. Sixers GM Billy King says he hopes to have deals lined up with Moses Malone and Andrew Toney by July 12.

David Aldridge has lost his mind, and it’s still better than most of the stuff out there.

• The New York Times says that ESPN did a great job televising the NBA Draft. Apparently the writer had the sound off. Hey Jay Bilas: We know everyone needs to get stronger and more experienced. That’s why they’re all not in the NBA yet! Tell us something we don’t know, please.
• The Chicago Tribune already has a photo gallery up, dedicated to the “many looks” of Ben Wallace. That’s worth a four year deal right there.

Andrea Bargnani has already given up his number, 11, for TJ Ford. He’s instead switching to the number 7, which should make him appear taller and thinner.

• Anyone remember Romaine Sato? He could be logging big minutes in Phoenix this season. If D’Antoni can get these guys to win 50 games he deserves coach of the decade.

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