Lindsey Hunter Wants to Coach

by March 05, 2010

Hunter’s 17-year playing career came to an end yesterday, but he tells ESPN that he’s not quite finished with the game: “Hunter said he wasn’t surprised by the Bulls decision and that the team was upfront about him through the whole process. You got the sense that he knew once Joakim Noah went down for an extended time period with plantar fasciitis that he was probably the odd man out. The ironic thing is that Hunter’s job description won’t change much even though he’s not technically on the roster anymore. ‘[My duties] will be pretty much the same since I’ve been here,’ he said. ‘This is kind of the start of me re-inventing myself the second time. Nothing new.’ Hunter will continue to serve as a mentor to Derrick Rose and it’s likely that he will start on the path towards becoming a head coach in the near future for some team. ‘There’s not much I can tell [Derrick] now,’ he said laughing. ‘I still share things with him. Always try to keep him encouraged. And to grow into that leadership role that he’s become [comfortable with]. Now we have some more young guys that need that type of help. It’s just not limited to Derrick. It’s everybody who’s on this team that I try to help any way I can.”‘