Links: Breaking — Marcus Camby Is A Clipper

by July 16, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

Word is currently breaking out of Denver that the Nuggets, obviously frustrated by having one defensively competent player, have traded Marcus Camby to the Clippers in exchange for a second round draft pick. And that’s all. Seriously, the Clippers got a Defensive Player Of The Year candidate (and his very reasonable remaining contract of two years at just $15 million total). The Clips had enough cash left under the cap from Elton Brand shafting them that they could basically just buy Camby from a franchise that found themselves in a situation where they had to shed salary and do it fast, at the expense of having a good team.

I think it’s a great move from LA, because they got a really good player to supplement their frontline and did it for the short-term. I’d heard they were probably going to sign Josh Smith to an offer sheet, but this is a cheaper and more exact way to address their needs (like more smart personnel moves).

And Enver, well, they better average about 240 points per game next season if they want to have a chance. Now that Phoenix is packing up D’AntoniBall, maybe Enver can become the new League Pass cult team.