Links: Later, Conan

by February 20, 2009

by Lang Whitaker

One of my best friends over the last 7 years writing stuff for SLAM and SLAMonline has been Conan O’Brien. We’ve never actually met, of course, but I end up doing a lot of work late at night, and I like having stuff on in the background. I can’t get into Craig Ferguson, ABC’s too cheap to shoot Jimmy Kimmel in HD, so Conan’s it’s been. Tonight’s his last night in the 12:30 slot on NBC before moving to 11:30, and I came across this today on the internet and thought it was worth posting.

This is from “Late Night” when Conan sent Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (a.k.a. Robert Smigel) to the premiere of Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. You’ll see what happens…