Links: Playoffs Diary Day Seven

by April 26, 2008

By: Holly MacKenzie

Before we get started talking about these games, I’ll be doing my best Lang impersonation (I know, I know, there can only be one), and I’ve got the Lakers/Denver recap coming. Soon. Before game three. I promise. I’ve been working on some “real life” stuff for the past few days and you don’t need to remind me how much more fun it is to write about the NBA, so let’s get on with it.

Lang will be back with you all very soon. To continue on something he had mentioned the other day, how has it not even been a week since the playoffs started? I am already so deeply into this that I cannot imagine keeping up this pace for three more rounds. Of course I will and I’ll continue to love every second of it, but this season has just been so great that I’ve got a ton invested in every series, even Toronto and Orlando.

It would happen that one of the guys I’ve been praising all season had to go and join the crazy club last night. I’m just waiting to see what JR Smith has in store for us in game three. I’m talking about Josh Howard. In case you missed it, for some inexplicable reason, he felt the need to clarify his stance on marijuana and to tell the world that he smokes weed in the offseason “as do most of the players in the league”. Not a huge surprise, but why?

As for the game, the biggest thing to me was the energy that Dallas had from the opening tip. They had their crowd behind them and an extra bounce in their step and it seemed every lose ball, every foul call and every break went their way. While Dirk had 32 and 19 to go with 6 assists, Paul and West were unable to knock down anything and finished a combined 10-38 from the floor. Jannero Pargo was the only guy who could get things going offensively and it was not a nice game for the Hornets. The two teams got a little heated in the final minute of the game when Dampier decided to put a little extra into his foul on Chris Paul. The game was already over for the Hornets, why bother incensing them for game three?

I don’t understand some of these guys. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Still, the Mavs did what they were supposed to do, they got the 97-87 win at home after New Orleans had taken care of the home court that they had earned during the regular season.

The Sixers also did what they were supposed to do in winning game three on their home floor, but what they have done, I don’t think anyone expected. After grabbing the game one victory in Detroit, they were blown out in game two and I kinda figured this would be the trend for the rest of the series. Not so, says Philadelphia and the team went home to return the favor, dropping the Pistons 95-75. Yes, Detroit looked horrible and managed only 75 points. Nothing more to say.

I love how the crowd groans in unison as Sammy Dal throws up a jumper and it swishes solftly through the net.

My favorite part of the Suns/Spurs game? JVG. How did the most exciting series in the playoffs turn out to be predictably awful? Damn Spurs. TP absolutely killed the Suns, again. Van Gundy continued to be fantastic:

“Shiloh has turned two and Suri is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen.”

“They should start drug-testing writers.”

“I know we lost a 2-0 lead. I was there.”

He might be my favorite part of this postseason, after Chris Paul, Kobe’s 49 and the continued emergence of Rondo. Oh yes, the Sixers also. Okay, so not my favorite, but they are up there.

I don’t really wanna talk about the game because it was beyond frustrating to see the Suns get killed and be unable to make a defensive adjustment, play after play, quarter after quarter and now game after game. 41 points for Tony Parker. 41?! Yes, 12 assists, too. Shaquille O’Neal was also 9-17 from the foul line. He makes them when they count though, so don’t worry about game four. Yes, I’m in the bitter barn when it comes to the Suns right now. The look on Amare’s face killed me.

From Myles: “Steve Kerr has been getting high with Josh Howard.” Just so you all know where he stands on the Suns, in case you forgot.

Okay, enough from me. Go ahead and get your discussion on!