Links: The Nino

by September 07, 2010

by Lang Whitaker

I’m not sure how this column became a clearinghouse for all things little people, but during the dog days of summer, when most of the NBA is hibernating, well…we have to write about something. (Actually, I have a basketball post coming later this week that’s kinda awesome.) But three years ago, I threw in a random link one day about a gentleman named He Ping Ping, and it really took off from there. Sadly, Mr. Ping Ping passed away in March, a tragic event that shocked the world.

Well, now there’s good news, because the world — and The Links — has new smallest man to look up to: Edward Nino Hernandez. (Thanks to reader Michael Read for the tip.)

Here’s what we know: Mr. Hernandez, a Colombian, is 27 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds. He has a girlfriend. He works — part-time — as a dancer, and he enjoys reggaeton, merengue and salsa music.

Here’s a video from the Guinness people about Mr. Hernandez.

I like how the editor-in-chief of Guinness notes that being the world’s smallest man is “one of the most important titles.” I really couldn’t agree more.

But wait! There’s intrigue! According to the Guinness EIC, a job I hope to one day qualify for, there could soon be new world’s smallest man! There’s a 17-year-old in Nepal named Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is 5 cm shorter than Mr. Hernandez. Magar will turn 18 in October, which in the eyes of the Guinness people will qualify him as a man, and makes him squarely in line to succeed Mr. Hernandez.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep my eyes on this developing story. Until then, a hearty Links welcome to Mr. Hernandez.