Live Blog: ’11-12 Opening Night

by November 01, 2011

by Ben Osborne / @bosborne17

Greetings from Dallas! SLAM’s travel budget isn’t what it used to be, but for big things we can still break out the plastic. And what’s bigger than opening night? The reigning MVP against the defending champs?


Rock with me all night as we celebrate the new season in style!

I got to town a couple hours ago but have only been at my hotel. I’ll be heading to the arena soon…

Pulling up to AA Center. Not the excitement I would have expected. It’s a gorgeous evening in Dallas and I know people here are still getting over the World Series loss, but I still expected a little more activity around the arena right now. Tip-off is in like 45 minutes!

Umm, media entrance is locked. WTF?!?

WTF indeed…

Obviously this gag has a limited amount of jokes.

But we did think it was worth getting something up, reminding you all of what should have been probably the biggest event in the day for most of us today.

Not to overstate things, but we feel just like you guys do: sad, hurt, angry, confused (times a lot, actually, since our livelihoods sort of depend on a healthy NBA). Instead of watching Derrick go at Dirk, we’re reading inane columns that continue a pattern throughout this lockout of every encouraging sign being met by five discouraging ones.

If you’re sitting at your computer, wishing it was streaming some basketball instead of giving you a static picture of the Mavs’ empty arena, feel free to vent below…