NBA Lockout Could Jeopardize $1 Billion in Ad Revenue

*Insert Dr. Evil voice here* Ad Age has the grim figures and details: “Although the National Football League’s potential labor dispute is more top of mind — its collective bargaining agreement with players ends in six weeks — the NBA is dealing with its own issues. While its current agreement with the players doesn’t expire until June 30, both sides are trying to avoid a situation that some sports-marketing experts have termed ‘more dire’ than the NFL labor conflict. At stake? About $1 billion in TV ad revenue for Walt Disney Co.’s ABC/ESPN and Turner Broadcasting’s TNT, the main rights holders for NBA games; sponsors and advertisers that are facing the possibility of a second potential sports-programming platform disappearing; a global stage that Nike (and, to a lesser extent, Reebok) uses to hawk shoes; a huge chunk of the $2.7 billion licensed products market, most of which Adidas makes and sells; and brand equity at a pivotal time for the league, both domestically and internationally.”

(H/T: @JonesOnTheNBA)