Los Angeles Lakers Interested in Re-Signing Derek Fisher?

by October 12, 2012

Kobe Bryant seems convinced that the currently unemployed Derek Fisher will find an NBA gig soon, and that might be in Los Angeles. According to ESPN, the Lakers want to part ways with Chris Duhon and Steve Blake, which could pave the way for Fisher’s return: “I’m pretty confident,’ Kobe says, ‘he’ll find a team.’ It might even be the Los Angeles Lakers, believe it or not, if more dominoes fall fortuitously for the team that has already annoyed the rest of the league with its good fortune this offseason. It’s not feasible for the Lakers to bring back Fisher now, with a payroll approaching $100 million, but sources with knowledge of their thinking say that the team has made it clear to the rest of the league that Chris Duhon and/or Steve Blake are available via trade to any interested party willing to absorb their respective contracts. While it’s true that no trade is imminent in either case, that’s also the norm in October when outlooks are still rosy in pretty much every NBA training camp and teams generally aren’t ready to move. Could the Lakers eventually find a taker for one of those vets? Blake has one season left on his contract after this one valued at $4 million, but Duhon’s $3.75 million salary in 2013-14 is unguaranteed, which makes his contract a more attractive acquisition. The bigger question is whether Fisher, at 38, is prepared to wait around to see if the Lakers can manufacture some room in their backcourt for him or join the first contender that comes calling. […] ‘Every team,’ Kobe announced Wednesday, ‘needs a guard like him.'”