UPDATE: Lou Williams Out for the Regular Season

by April 04, 2011

UPDATE: Even more bad news for Williams and the Sixers:”Lou says he’s out for the regular season. Says he ‘hopes’ to be ready for playoffs.”

Tough break for Lou and the Sixers last night. From the Philly Inquirer: “The Bucks won in overtime, 93-87. For the Sixers, Saturday’s loss felt a little like a bucket of cold water after Friday night’s playoff-clinching victory over the New Jersey Nets. With just five games remaining in the NBA’s regular season schedule, the Sixers dropped to 40-37. The Bucks stayed alive for a potential playoff berth and improved to 31-45. Part of the Sixers’ offensive inability came from poor shooting: point guard Jrue Holiday missed a jumper at game’s end and swingman Andre Iguodala went 0 for 2 with 2 turnovers in the fourth quarter and overtime. And part of their woes came from the absence of combo guard Lou Williams, who strained his right hamstring at the end of the third quarter. Williams, the team’s most effective one-on-one option, did not return; he will be evaluated by team doctors on Sunday. ‘It hurts because he’s a guy that can create off the dribble,’ said Sixers coach Doug Collins. ‘With Milwaukee, they don’t let you run plays, they really disrupt you so you have to be able to attack them off of the dribble.”‘