Luke Walton on Phil Jackson: ‘He’s Coming Back’

by June 21, 2010

Luke’s gut tells him and the LA Times that the Zen Master will be back on the Lakers’ sideline next season: “”We have all the talent in the world and this team needs a coach that can manage that talent, put it together and make everybody work together,’ said Lakers forward Luke Walton. ‘And Phil, he’s the best in the world at doing that.’ The special skill is hard to define. But you know it when you see it. And the Bulls saw it result in six NBA titles and the Lakers, now, five. ‘And he’s unbelievable at it,’ Walton said. ‘We really hope he’s back.’ That decision could come in the next week or so after Jackson has his usual medical checkup and tests and a few seconds to reflect about going forward for a three-peat. Walton was asked if he had a gut feeling on the possibility of Jackson’s returning. The answer came with his big smile before he responded with three words: ‘He’s coming back.”‘