Luke Walton To Bucks Staffer: ‘Don’t Touch My Damn Players’

by March 18, 2017
greg monroe nick young

The third-quarter scuffle between the Lakers and Bucks ended with three ejections, and it left Lakers coach Luke Walton furious.

Walton claimed that a member of the Bucks’ security staff shoved Brandon Ingram during the exchange.

“And then watching the tape,” said Walton, “one of their employees is on the floor, and he grabs Brandon by the jersey and shoves him—not holding him back, shoves him—and that doesn’t get addressed either?


“If there’s nothing wrong with that, then I have no problem finding some people to hire on our staff.”

Walton also took issue with the ref’s decision to punish D’Angelo Russell with the same penalty as Greg Monroe, who delivered a fierce shove to Nick Young’s neck.

“So for the NBA to say that the two of them did the same thing and just canceled each other out is absolute crap to me because D’Angelo just shoved [Monroe] in the back; Monroe grabbed [Young] by the neck.


“I don’t know if he was mad that [Ivica] Zubac was kicking his butt all night long out there. But you grab someone by the neck? That’s not right. And then Monroe went and slapped Brandon in the face.


“So he did all that and he got the same penalty as when D’Angelo did it for shoving someone in the back that was a teammate. So that’s crap to me.”

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