Madden 08 Party

by August 14, 2007

by Konate Primus

People out there in internet-land, please tell me if you know a better way to spend your evening?

Thanks to the wonderful people at EA Sports and Xbox last night was a star-studded extravaganza filled with:

–> Free liquor: full bar, top shelf stuff and the bartender was on point!

–> Free food: Not cheap stuff either. I’m talking jumbo shrimp flown in from Santa Barbara, crab-stuffed shitake mushrooms and minted rack of lamb.

–> Women: Ninety percent were fine. The other 10…

–> NFL legends and greats: Warren Moon, Eddie George. Warren was nice enough to give us photo op and I dropped the ball, my apologies to Branden and Sean, I owe you guys big time. Eddie was mad cool; he almost took my damn arm off when he gave a hand shake, but very friendly nonetheless. Tiki Barber showed up as well but Vince Young didn’t even though he is on the cover. I wonder why?

–> Celebs: Lil’ Jon was in the building, got a chance to introduce myself. Fabolous was in there flossing with DJ Clue, his chains were very bling-ish (all 4 of ’em). Lil Bow Wow also came thru and folks he is tiny. Starbury stopped by; Mike James was there too with that crazy glare in his eyes, scary! There was a whole bunch of other important famous people, that’s just to name a few.

Most importantly the thing that made this all possible, the global unifier, Madden 08. I spent most of my time around the free food and Xbox. Madden has once again held up to its name and reputation. Year after year they have worked out the few kinks of the previous game and make the game play even more tantalizing. My favorite feature is the one on one player control. No more easy interceptions: The ball can hit you dead in your chest but if you don’t press the intercept button you are out of luck. The player reactions have gotten better as well, the halftime report is awesome and I must say I never seen a game with so much emotion. It’s the most realistic Madden so far, I can’t wait to see what EA does with Live 08.

It was a bit weird for me because I don’t really play Xbox 360. I’m not convinced that 360 is the better gaming system. Its seems to move slower and less fluid than PS3 but then again I’ve only played 360 a few times here in the office, I will only know once I have both systems in my possession to compare. So to my people at Xbox make me a believer!