Magic Johnson Wants the NFL Back in LA

by October 21, 2010

Magic’s recent asset liquidation apparently has something to do with his desire to own a larger piece of a pro team — an NFL team, perhaps. From the LA Times: “Magic Johnson, who created a buzz this week by selling his minority stakes in the Lakers and Starbucks, said he did those deals because they were good business decisions. Johnson said Wednesday he will ‘look at every opportunity’ in the future to become a majority owner of a sports team, but that he hasn’t joined forces with anybody yet. However, Johnson said he wants to play a role in bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles … When asked whether he had interest in buying an NFL team, Johnson laughed. He was a season-ticket holder when the Rams and Raiders played in Los Angeles. ‘I haven’t had any discussions about the NFL,’ Johnson said. ‘But I really, really want the NFL to come back to LA. Would I be interested? Of course I will be interested. Have I talked to anybody? No. But I would do that in two seconds.'”