Manu Ginobili Says He Is Undecided On Retirement

by May 23, 2017

Throughout last night’s Warriors-Spurs game, the ESPN broadcast team of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson commented that it could have been Manu Ginobili‘s final NBA game and paid tribute to the sure-fire Hall of Famer. The signs were certainly there. Gregg Popovich gave Manu the rare playoff start and the crowd was at its feet for a long ovation as the Argentinean left the court for the final time:

While everyone seemed ready to see Manu off into the sunset, Ginobili himself said that he feels like he can still play, but will take the next month or so to figure out what he wants to do.


“I do feel like I can still play,” Ginobili said. “But that’s not what is going to make me retire or not. It’s about how I feel—if I want to go through all that again. It felt like they wanted me to retire, like they were giving me sort of a celebration night. And of course, I’m getting closer and closer. There is no secret, for sure. It’s getting harder and harder. But I always said that I wanted to let it sink in for three weeks, four weeks, whatever, and then I will sit with my wife and see how it feels.”
Ginobili also said that he has “two wonderful options” and will be a “happy camper” whether he retires or not:
“Whatever I decide to do, I’ll be a happy camper. I have to choose between two wonderful, truly wonderful options. One is to keep playing in this league at this age, enjoying every day, playing the sport I still love. The other one is to stay at home, be a dad, travel more, enjoy my family. Whatever it is, it’s two unbelievable options. So there is no way I can be sad, because whatever I decide, it’s going to be great.”
The 15-year vet will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1.